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"Technology," computer pioneer Alan Kay once said, "is anything that was invented after you were born." So it's not surprising, when making mental lists of the most whiz-bangy technological creations in our lives, that we may overlook an object that is superbly designed, wickedly functional, infinitely useful and beloved more passionately than any gadget in a Best Buy: the book. It is a more reliable storage device than a hard disk drive, and it sports a killer user interface, (no instruction manual or "For Dummies" guide needed), it is instant-on and requires no batteries.


 We are a club who mutually support a collection of over 4500 English language books, mostly general fiction with a sprinkling of nonfiction and childrens books. New books are purchased regularly and the books are shelved in our club room which is accessible to members at all times with a special key. Books can be borrowed at any time, members are allowed to borrow as many books as they like - we only ask that the other members rights to access to the books are respected by taking only two new books at a time and returning them within three weeks!


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